Simple heel pain exercises to do at home

Heel pain is a result of too much stress exerted on the plantar fascia ligament when it's stretched irregularly, causing small tears as well as inflammation. Generally, podiatrists recommend a variety of a strengthening and stretching exercises to help improve the flexibility of the ligament, consequently alleviating ligament stress and tension. When combined with other instructions such as rest, putting on shoe inserts and icing, heel pain exercises will likely alleviate heel pain.

Hallux Rigidus: What To Do When Your Big Toe Bothers You

While Hallux Rigidus may sound like a spell out of a Harry Potter movie, it is, in fact, a condition that affects the joint located at the end of the big toe. The increasing pain you are experiencing in your foot as you move through your daily activities each day could, in fact, be caused by just one digit on your foot. So what is this condition, and how do you go about fixing the problem?

Are You Diabetic? Five Simple Tips to Keep Your Feet Healthy

If you are diabetic, this might be a real menace to your feet. For instance, diabetes could mean reduced flow of blood to your feet, depriving them of nutrients and oxygen. This could mean even double trouble for the cuts or sores in your feet to heal. If nerves are damaged, your feet might be numb. Imagine not being able to feel blisters or cuts in your feet, don't you think you might be more vulnerable to infections and sores?

Advice on treating hard skin and preventing it from developing on your feet

Hard skin develops as a result of extended friction or stress on the foot. The common areas where you develop hard skin is on the balls and sides of your feet as well as the heel. While you can leave them the way they are, these annoyances will often develop into further foot care problems such as corns if untreated. These problems can be extremely painful, especially for those who are constantly on their feet, such as athletes and tradespeople.

Fond of Wearing Toe Rings? Take Care to Prevent (& Treat) a Toe Rash

Toe rings can be a pretty accessory for your feet, but they can sometimes be a pain for sensitive skin. The material in certain types of toe rings can cause an allergic reaction known as contact dermatitis, which can cause the affected area to become inflamed and intensely itchy.  Thankfully, you can still flaunt toe rings the pain-free way with the right kind of care. Follow these tips on how to look after your rings and avoid a toe rash.