Foot Problems That Require the Attention of a Podiatrist

Since feet are so resilient, it is not surprising that some people may take problems with these body parts lightly. Issues such as blisters, nails that have broken off and so on are usually underrated since the common assumption is that they will heal on their own. However, some foot problems should never be ignored, as they could be a symptom of a larger underlying problem that is still undiagnosed. If you have never had to see a foot doctor, here are some foot problems that require the attention of a podiatrist.


Swollen feet are a common problem that people develop. If you have been on your feet for too long or perhaps you had a long flight, it is likely that your feet will swell. Nonetheless, continuous swelling should not be ignored. If the swelling has not subsided after a few days, it is crucial to visit a podiatrist so that the professional can determine what is causing it to stay persistent. If you are pregnant, the persistent swelling could be an indication or pre-eclampsia, so you should have your feet checked out immediately. Additionally, swollen feet could be an indication of lymphedema, which also needs to be investigated by a medical professional.


Stubbing your toe can feel like the most excruciating pain that you have felt in your life! Nonetheless, stubbing your toe is not something you will rush to the podiatrist for since you know that the pain will subside after a few minutes. However, when your feet develop chronic pain, it is time to set an appointment with a podiatrist. A dull ache may seem like something to ignore, but if it does not go away, it is critical to have a podiatrist examine your feet and establish the source of the pain. In some cases, you may have inflamed tissues or aggravated tendons that will need treatment for the pain to go away.


Sensations in your feet can manifest in different ways. A burning sensation in your feet could be indicative of neuropathy, so you should never ignore that symptom. Tingling, on the other hand, could be a sign of an autoimmune disorder that has to be treated medically. Another sensation that should prompt you to call a podiatrist is numbness, which can be caused by an infection, blocked blood vessels or even compromised nerve endings. Therefore, any weird sensations in your feet should have you seeing a podiatrist.