4 Reasons Why Custom Orthotics Are Great For Your Feet

Most people do not have a perfect foot, which ultimately means that there is a lack of support, a problem, or an imbalance with your gait. While it is true that this imperfection probably won't cause any major medical issues, it could cause you to suffer from feet problems. In turn, this can lead to a wide variety of other problems as pressure is constantly applied to other parts of your body. In order to fix that, you can use a custom prescription orthotic. Here are 4 reasons why an orthotic may be good for you.

Custom Orthotics Cushion Your Feet

Probably the biggest advantage to getting custom orthotics is that they help cushion your feet. Imagine the pressure that your feet have to endure daily. Since you walk and stand on your feet all day, your feet will thank you for cushioning them with an orthotic. Some people suffer from various gait abnormalities, bunions, drop foot, or heel rolls. Getting a custom orthotic will prevent these issues while also preventing you from getting sore feet. Ultimately, an orthotic solution can even help release pain in your knees, legs, lower back, and even neck.

A Custom Orthotic Supports the Arches of Your Feet

Feet come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, which is why there isn't one orthotic solution for everyone. Some people may suffer from flat feet, while others might have high arches. With a customised orthotic, your feet's arches will be properly supported in order to absorb the maximum amount of shock, ultimately preventing pain. Having proper feet support means that all functional and structural disorders can be corrected.

Orthotics Lead to Better Gait and Posture

There is a correlation between your feet and the rest of your body; when your feet feel good, so does your body. Biomechanical problems can be resolved by using custom orthotics. For example, your joints will be properly aligned, which means that every moving part of your body will feel less pain and be much better supported. Orthotics correct the structure of your feet and aim to reduce pain and fatigue in your body.

Orthotics Evenly Distribute The Weight of Your Body

A lot of people don't have an even weight distribution across their bodies. In this case, extra pressure is applied on various pressure points on your body causing pain. Without the proper biomechanics and proper alignment, your muscles need to work overtime in order to support the skeletal structure. Custom orthotics help with taking this pressure off, avoiding any unwanted pain.

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